About Jamia

Traditional Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya, who is in the busy area of ​​Dhaka’s capital, Mohammedpur’s historic seven mosque, has been engaged in the chest of a huge body-lotter. Hazrat Shamsul Haque Millat mujahide R pharidapuri. Hathigara Goldman Shaykhul Hadith Allama Azizul Haque Rah. Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya was founded in 1986 with the intense efforts of some collaborators dedicated to crossing the bounded wall of a flock of brave soldier. After two years of temporary operation, in 1988, the activities of the organization started in full term as “Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya” in its own place adjacent to the historic seven mosques.
Jamiya Education Jamia Rahmaniya is not a traditional educational institution. Jamia has arranged his teaching method with far-reaching plans. It has already crossed the international boundaries, from the beginning of the series, the reputation of giving a good scholarly scholarly scholar Aleem Deen to the world by implementing various differentiating plans including children from the highest class of Daraat, Hadith, Iftah, Tafsir, Ulumul Hadith, Islamic History, Arabic and Bangla Literature. According to the syllabus based on the syllabus, fundamentally the Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usul, Akyed, Arabic Language, Bangla Literature, Grammar, Nahu, Saraf, Balagat, Bangla, English, Mathematics, History, History and Geography Philosophy etc. They are taught. In addition to education, Jamia has taken various programs at different times with a great aim of reaching the benefits of Islamic education in the public. In all, Jamia Rahmaniya is a great project with many divisions.

Success of Education

As a result of achieving enviable success in various fields from established In a short span of time, the reputation of this organization spread all over the world. In view of the overall aspect, this company is widely appreciated by Ulamae Kuram and Sudhi Mahal. On the other hand, the students of this institute have been consistently achieving honors in the merit list in different Merhalaya held in Central Examinations held under the Bangladesh Quomi Madrasa Education Board due to the intense efforts of skilled and experienced teachers.