Traditional Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya, who is in the busy area of ​​Dhaka’s capital, Mohammedpur’s historic seven mosque, has been engaged in the chest of a huge body-lotter.

Hazrat Shamsul Haque Millat mujahide R pharidapuri. Hathigara gold standard Shaykhul Hadith Allama Azizul Haque da Or Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya was founded in 1986 with the intense efforts of some collaborators dedicated to crossing the bounded wall of a flock of brave soldier. After two years of temporary operation, in 1988, the activities of the organization started in full term as “Jamia Rahmaniya Arabiya” in its own place adjacent to the historic seven mosques.


Jamia Rahmaniya is a bigger educational institution based on the ideals of Ahl al Sunnat Wal Jamaat of the world famous Mother Elam Darul Ulum Deoband.

Goals and objectives

1. Through the systematic training and talismanic activities, for the purpose of establishing Nawabuddin in Goddess and Sunnah, through the preservation of Islamic religion and wide spread, the hakkani scholars were made suitable for the service of the country and nation by training and training.

2. Preservation of Akade Ahl al Sunnat Wal Jamaat and Fiqh Hanafi and proper implementation of Talim-Tarbiiyat in Deobandi Silsila.

3. In the face of systematic confrontation with fanatics, the establishment of the principles of justice in the society and the introduction of Islamic society through Islamic fundamentalism through the basics of atheism, shirk and bidad.

Jamiya education

Jamia Rahmaniya is not a traditional educational institution. Jamia has arranged his teaching method with far-reaching plans. It has already crossed the international boundaries, from the beginning of the series, the reputation of giving a good scholarly scholarly scholar Aleem Deen to the world by implementing various differentiating plans including children from the highest class of Daraat, Hadith, Iftah, Tafsir, Ulumul Hadith, Islamic History, Arabic and Bangla Literature. According to the syllabus based on the syllabus, fundamentally the Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usul, Akyed, Arabic Language, Bangla Literature, Grammar, Nahu, Saraf, Balagat, Bangla, English, Mathematics, History, History and Geography Philosophy etc. They are taught. In addition to education, Jamia has taken various programs at different times with a great aim of reaching the benefits of Islamic education in the public. In all, Jamia Rahmaniya is a great project with many divisions.

Jamia Education Project:

1. Maktab Division: In the course of two years course, only 40 scholars including the holy Qur’an, Sharif, Tilwat, Ampara and Finance were memorized. Essential Monthly – Elementary Bengali, Mathematics, and English are taught with Masayil.

2. Hafjh Department: In the last 3-4 years, the whole Qur’an Sharif is recited to young children from Maktab.

3. Book section: It is the richest, larger and main division of Jamia education management. This section is made of the Kandari and spiritual Rahara of the nation. Based on the gradual evaluation of religious education, the Divine Division is divided into five levels in the basic level.

(A) Ibtidaiyah / Preliminary

(B) Mutwasasitah / Secondary

(C) Sanaabiah Ulya / Higher Secondary

(D) Virtue / Degree

(E) Takmil / master.

At the same level, during a total of 10 years, a student is created as a qualified scholar and certified by full religious education.

4. Ifta course: Through the course of the final examination of the Dohayed Hadith (Taeklim) class, the scholars who passed the first division in the 1st division were made as qualified Mufti to give correct solutions to the problem of the era as a fiqh.

5. Tafseer Courses: A Course in Researcher Training course for giving a deeper knowledge about the curriculum of the Qirim in the Qur’an to the scholars concluding this course. Through this course, a scholar has been developed as a well-known commentator in Tafseer scripture.

Jamia Student Training Program

Jamir’s children can play a role in all the regions of the religion and society, for which there are a number of arrangements. The students’ parliament consists of meritorious students for making these arrangements practical. Which is known as ‘Rahmaniya Student Kafela’. The following are done in their efficient management:

(A) Student Library: There is a high quality library with information booklets available for information regarding contemporary status and international context to reach the international level in addition to the range of knowledge of students in the Sylhet language book.

(B) Lecture training: After achieving the knowledge, the student caravan organized a competitive weekly lecture training in order to reach the doorstep of the common people, Jalsa.

(C) Coral: To develop students as pen soldiers, with the great aim of empowering the light of the Islamic literature against the traders of the west-facing distorted taste.

Jamia Service Project:

1. Fatwa Division: For the purpose of providing personal, family, social, religious and various topics and solutions, this division This type of question from the department is given by the skilled loyalists.

2. Faraya Division: Proper distribution of the deceased person, according to the provisions of the Shari’ah, through the elite and immovable property, is provided by this department.

3. Invitation and discussion: Many people go out to spend time on holidays, to invite people to religion, to teach them religion and to build their own agenda. Tablighi programs are organized regularly for 24 hours per week.